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empire's end review

I, Paul - Jerry B Jenkins

"Empire's End" or as it is sometimes called on sites "I, Paul"  by Jerry B Jenkins is the adult companion book to "I, Saul", a youth historical fiction about the Apostle Paul.  Though Paul wrote a huge chunk of the New Testament, little is known of his personal life.  In this fictional telling, Jenkins fills in the gaps starting with the horrors that Saul inflicted on the people of The Way and following him through his conversion and writings. 

The story starts off in an advanced writing style that might seem hard to follow for some, but the point is to catch up the reader with the politics of the times.  Following the Preamble, the writing takes a more readable fashion so that the reader can become more involved with the storyline.   Jenkins is one of the infamous duo who wrote "Left Behind" yet this is the first book of his I have read.  He is a brilliant writer, who writes with an intelligent fashion, yet can keep the reader interested without making it hard to understand. I  have always wondered how Christians found the 'turning a new leaf' of Paul to be authentic.  I don't think I would have believed him until he proved himself.  I don't think I would have forgiven him.  How many times have I lost something that could have been good because I wouldn't forgive?  He takes Paul's story and turns it into not only a thinker, but an adventure story.  I would recommend this to anyone, not just Christians as a good thriller.