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third bullet review

"The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger)" by Stephen Hunter is the newest in the Swagger series by Hunter.  I have never read any of the Swagger novels and I might add one doesn't have to in order to read this book.  Swagger becomes involved in the Kennedy assassination through a woman whose husband is murdered while looking into one of the murder for a novel he is writing.  Swagger is a former (current?) agent for the government and he recognizes one of the clues connecting to his past.  He follows the trail and attempts to solve the murder of President Kennedy. 

This book is VERY fiction.  This follows just one many of the theories, but it does not solve any murder.  It is simply a "what if".  It is a good what it.  There is a lot of research in this novel and some of it is true. It's one of those books that gets into your head and you keep trying to solve the murder yourself instead of sleeping at night.    The only fault I found with it is that it is a little too long.  After the first third of the book, it starts to become a back and forth between Swagger's point of view and the killer's.  The killer's side of it should have been shortened up to make the story flow faster.  Conspiracy galore!  Good book.  I received this book for free from www.edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com