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O! Jackie - Mercedes King

"O! Jackie" by Mercedes King is fictional tale of a president, First Lady, and their complicated lives.  This is a fictional account, loosely based on the lives of JFK and Jackie Kennedy.  Loosely.  A lot of it is true, but there is plenty of rumor, probably, maybe, coulda, shoulda, and what ifs to go around.  I will treat this review as a review of a work of complete fiction to protect the innocent/guilty.  I will review the writing rather than the research and/or daydreaming. 
The first third of this book is basically one infidelity after another on the part of the husband.  Though it is repeated by the wife that she "ultimately loves him" so she never leaves, the writer never says what there is to love about him.  Usually when the man is in-your-face sleeping around he hands out a fair amount of romance and gifts to the wife to get back in her good graces.  This husband does not.  He just keeps doing it.  Its almost as if part of the book is missing; it needs some reason to keep him.  The second third of the book includes that.  King turns on the charm and JFK becomes more complete while still doing his extra curricular activities.  The couple as characters are much more developed and the plot is more interesting.  Now when you start to get to the end, you may roll your eyes or think this is waaaay out in left field!"  But keep in mind that it is fiction, and then story is riveting.  This is sort of what you wish had happened.  The first 1/3 needs more editing, but stick around and King won't disappoint.  Just remember it is fiction!  I received this book for free from the author through www.bookblogs.ning.com.